did we already tell you we love Anton Coene and Tom Roelofs? They are incredibly talented photographers and they are practically non stop on the road, touring their asses off with all kinds of bands.

Off course we cannot forget Thomas”switn” Sweertvaegher who joined us a few times last summer and is one of Belgium ‘s finest photographers!


Anton is with us from our very start, check out more of his work here:

Anton Coene dot be

Anton on Facebook

Anton ‘s photos on our website

The mighty Anton Coene by the great Tom Roelofs © Tom Roelofs | tomroelofs.com

Anton Coene by Tom Roelofs


We met Tom at a very wicked show in Eindhoven and since then he regularly joins us, check more of his work here:

Tom Roelofs dot com

Tom on Facebook

The Tom Roelofs gallery on this site


Tom Roelofs by Anton Coene

Thomas “switn” Sweertvaegher joined us a few times this summer, check more of his stuff here:

Switn dot be

Switn on the Facebook

The Switn gallery

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