Meet Ricky: a new song, and a video too.

New Album ‘RKTKN #3’ in preorder: Alcopop! Distro

We wanted to be captured in our natural environment, just being ourselves, so people would understand where we come from. We worked again with director Aykan Umut and Farmboy since he has a knack for capturing the deeper feelings behind seemingly everyday situations in the life of our band.


Produced by Farmboy.tv
Directed by Aykan Umut
Written by Pieter-Paul Devos and Aykan Umut
Art Direction: Aykan Umut
Cinematographer: David Doom
Camera Assistant: Boris Godfroid
Grip: Jesse Umut
Gaffer: PJ Donckels
Light: Watts
Costume design: Xerxes Heirman
Set dresser: Raketkanon, Xerxes Heirman, Rushka De Rycke
Editor: Aykan Umut
Colorist: Fabio Verhelst
Sound fx: Audiotheque
Starring: Michel Arteel, Raketkanon

Thanks to Erwin Steurbaut and Baron Della Faille d’Huysse

All music written, arranged and performed by Raketkanon
Recorded at gam studio by Wouter Vlaeminck
Mixed at battle mountain studio by Wouter Vlaeminck
Mastered at magic garden by by Brian Lucey

Label: Alcopop!