Magical Amazon Game Review

The Magic Amazon is an enhanced version of the Kingdom of the Colossi. While both games offer similar features, Magical Amazon dwarfs Colossus Kingdom with paylines that pay both ways, higher rewards in the wheel bonus, more free spins (with Colossus symbols on the middle reels only) and a slightly higher RTP …

This great online slot has an RTP (Return to Player) of 95.8% with a bet range of 0,0000061 BTC to 0,0061 BTC and a max jackpot of 1,000 times your total stake.

Magical Amazon game features

Magical Amazon Game Review

Magical Amazon has a ton of features that should appeal to both casual gamers and seasoned pros alike. There is a lot to tell, so let’s get started!

  • Colossus Symbols

Colossus symbols are giant 3×3 symbols that only appear on the middle three reels (reels 2 through 4).

  • Wild symbols

Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except free spins and bonus symbols. 5 wild symbols on a winning payline wins 1000 times your bet per line. During free spins, a wild Colossus symbol may appear on the middle reels.

If the Giant Free Spins Colossus symbol lands as a full symbol on the middle reels, 10 Free Spins are awarded. During free spins, only Colossus symbols appear on the middle reels.

  • Free Spins Game

Spin the coin for a chance to increase the number of free spins. You can collect the current number of free spins or risk part of them by pressing the GAME button to try to win more free spins (up to 50).

  • Wheel bonus

If the giant Bonus Colossus appears as a complete symbol on the middle reels, the Wheel bonus game is triggered. Spin the wheel to win a cash prize (8x to 100x your stake).

  • Mysterious symbol

Mysterious symbols open to reveal a random symbol (except bonus symbols, wilds or free spins).

  • Nudge function

If a Bonus or Free Spins Colossus symbol lands and is only partially visible, the nudge feature can nudge that symbol towards a winning position. The nudge feature is only active in the main game.

Buy function

Players have the option to instantly activate 10 free spins for their buy-in. The purchase price is directly related to the value of your bid. The higher your bid, the higher the purchase price. Please note that the “Buy” feature may not be available in some countries.

Magical Amazon 200 Spins Experience At Raket Kanon Crypto Casino

We loved Spinomenal’s Colossus Kingdom, so we got really excited as the reels spun at Raket Kanon Crypto Casino. We were immediately impressed by the vivid images and sounds of the Raket Kanon Crypto Casino game. The layout of the game is well thought out and we found the betting console to be intuitive and easy to use.

Our focus was solely on these middle reels as we waited and hoped for the Colossus, free spins or bonus symbols to fall into place. We also liked both paylines, especially when we completed the Gorilla Big Win with a letter from right to left. It’s worth mentioning here that there are actually no gorillas in the Amazon forests!

We were out of luck with the launch of the free spins bonus, so we decided to use the buy feature to activate 10 free spins. We were lucky and decided to flip a Gamble to win additional free spins but lost the toss and cut our initial 10 free spins in half to 5! Although we only had 5 free spins, we had a great free spins experience. We got the Panther mega win on the first spin, the Panther big win on the second spin, and the Male Hunter / Panther big win on the last spin. We kept the free spins bonus by increasing our stake by 43 times. Not bad for just 5 free spins!

Summary of the review

Magical Amazon is a great looking game with many features to keep players entertained. The unusual 4-3-3-3-4 reel format combined with giant symbols and paylines that pay both ways make this slot an attractive alternative to the typical 5-reel slots. The focus and anticipation is on the middle reels, where players will look for the Colossus, free spins, and bonus symbols. The buy feature offers players some flexibility as to how much they are willing to pay to activate the free spins bonus but remember that this feature is not available in some countries. There are other games here with more winning potential than the 1000x offered here, but Magical Amazon has loads of action and excitement to offer.

Main pros:

  • 20 paylines that are paid in both directions
  • Colossus symbols in the main game and free spins
  • Bonus wheel with bet multipliers from 8x to 100x
  • Free spins with Colossus symbols on the middle reels only
  • Free spins, play and buy-in features

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The predecessor of the Colossus Kingdom Magical Amazon is a 20 payline slot with 4-3-3-3-4 reels featuring colossal symbols, free spins with a gambling feature, a bonus wheel, mysterious symbols and a nudge feature. Watch out for free spins and bonus symbols on the middle three reels.

Magical Amazon Game Review
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